An effective tagline should get the point across instantly. It has to be simple, intuitive, and smooth, and it should spark a good feeling.

I think the Joe Biden presidential campaign just blew an enormous opportunity by cobbling together an awful grouping of words.

Build Back Better.” Say it. It’s awkward and choppy, isn’t it? And the listener probably doesn’t intuitively understand what it actually means. That makes it DOA.

This isn’t a partisan post, by the way. This is just an observation from a clarity/marketing/communications perspective.

I love a great tagline. It’s the ultimate distillation of ideas into words. It’s worth pouring a lot of money into developing your marketing “vocabulary,” because ultimately, clear and compelling words are the primary tool of persuasion.

Conclusion? Build taglines better than your competition. You only have a few seconds to get your point across….or not.

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