Let’s Get Your Message Clear – Right Now

In “normal” times, or in times of change and crisis, the most important business investment you can make is ensuring that you are HEARD. You need a clear, compelling, compact message. That’s what I can help you accomplish…this week.

Lack of Clarity Has Real-World Consequences

The business world is a tough place to get heard. Every day, you’re up against the biggest enemy of all – marketplace distraction and “noise.”

That’s why I help individuals and businesses succeed in the most important moment of truth. That 15-30 seconds you have to gain your audience’s attention…or lose the opportunity.

But it’s not so easy to craft that message, is it? As some anonymous wise man put it, “You can’t read the label of the jar you’re in.” You’ve tried valiantly, but it’s time to get an outside view from someone who knows business communications…and, has researched how the human brain processes information. That’s why you should set up a FREE 20-minute Clarity Call with me – so I can provide you with the outside perspective of a marketer/solopreneur/consultant.

Who Needs Clarity?

Who needs help crafting a clear message? To be blunt – everyone who needs to communicate with humans (I don’t do androids). Over the past decade, I’ve helped quite a variety of people and businesses gain clarity:

  1. Businesses needing a more compelling value proposition and sales presentation
  2. Marketers looking to improve websites and collateral
  3. Professionals seeking to improve their “elevator pitch”
  4. Individuals needing a LinkedIn profile makeover
  5. Authors seeking input on topic and information flow
  6. Corporations needing to simplify internal and external communications

I work with professionals from solo consultants to Top 10 Pharma. Because we all need to get heard. Use this link to set up a FREE 20-minute Clarity Call with the King of Clarity!

Sounds Expensive and Time-Consuming

Nope. Your initial clarity audit is $250. Flat fee.

You’re going to get your first dose of practical clarity in no time. I do a rapid audit of ONE thing that you select: it might be your website, or LinkedIn profile, or a sales deck, or a content outline. I perform my First Impression Clarity Analysis and provide you with a detailed outline of what’s clear, what’s not, along with specific suggestions for immediate improvement. Including a 30-minute post-audit summary call.

You’re going to get enormous value just from the audit. Your message will be immediately sharpened. Then, if I’ve earned your confidence, we talk about the shape of any further engagement(s). This offer is available during April 2020.

How do we Start? 

The first step is actually no-cost. You set up a FREE 20-minute Clarity Call with me, during which we discuss your current challenges and goals. If we decide together that an audit is your next logical step, we kick off your clarity intervention and start you toward greater success in selling, marketing, networking, and gaining referrals.

What About the Coronavirus Crisis?

Actually, this period of enforced downtime (for many) is an ideal opportunity to get clarity around your long-term strategy and messaging. But also, you may need to adjust your immediate messaging and strategic approach during the current crisis environment (as I have, and many others). We can help you with that also.

“Steve Woodruff walked me through the process, step by step, to figure out what it is that I do that is both great and unique…and then to package it so that I can explain my firm’s offering to others with precision and clarity.” – David Halpern, Principal, Biosmarts LLC

“Steve immediately recognized the issues with my positioning, and quickly sharpened my messaging. I was providing far too much detail that wasn’t conveying the greater value that I deliver to my clients. Steve guided me through an assessment to create the improved positioning. His definition is beautifully complete as it conveys my expertise, my process, and my business model. Steve determined better prospecting targets for my services too. Most importantly, now my messaging is clear and focused, and I’m comfortable delivering it. Steve’s guidance saved me from targeting the wrong companies, and potentially losing prospects who could become very valuable clients. I am so grateful for his wizardry!”Marina Erulkar, Principal, Hampstead Solutions

“Steve brought our team of emerging leaders innovative, yet practical ideas for effectively projecting a personal and professional brand. His Clarity Formula showed us how to identify our unique skills and professional DNA, and communicate our message effectively to others in a networked world. By focusing on what we do best and communicating with clarity, our team learned how to truly stand out amongst their peers and competitors.” – Seth Borsuk, Senior Manager, Leadership and Organizational Development, BauschHealth

Clarity interventions are based on the proven business-building principles outlined in my ground-breaking book, Clarity Wins.

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