Writing a Book? Start with this P and that P.

Writing a Book? Start with this P and that P.

Last year, I published my first book (Clarity Wins, via the Amazon platform). I’ve since been asked by a number of budding authors about the experience, and any advice I might have (especially for non-fiction/business books). So, here’s my first piece of advice. Begin with a big P out there in the world. And a […] Read More...

What to do when you realize that your team is NOT all on the same page

The Gallup organization has been measuring employee engagement worldwide for years, and the statistics are mind-boggling: Why are people so often disengaged?  Here’s the scoop: When team members don’t know their purpose – their “why” – they lose interest and engagement. When groups and departments have nothing other than some vague corporate vision/mission statement to […] Read More...

What Consultants Can Learn From Goldilocks

Some consultants do their best work in short-term interventions. Find the problem. Fix the problem. In medical terms, that’s acute care. Other consultants/coaches are with you for the long haul, because there is a ton of detailed implementation and reinforcement (and change management) needed. Again, in medical terms: that’s chronic care. And for some, the […] Read More...

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