A Communications Consultant Tears Apart Trump’s SOTU

Confession: I almost never watch political speeches. Especially for an hour. But, as a communications Clarity Consultant, I did watch the 2020 State of the Union address, because I was quite curious. I know Mr. Trump effectively moves audiences on the stump, but how was he going to do on this stage, in the midst […] Read More...

How to Seize Attention – Quickly

How to Seize Attention – Quickly

You have to grab your audience’s attention rapidly – or they will tune you out in favor of something easier, and more appealing. It’s the law, and you can’t change it. That’s right – it’s brain science. Don’t fight it. Work with it. Now, actually, we do have a lot to say, right? But it’s […] Read More...

The Amazon Review That Wouldn’t

98.7% of the time, I love Amazon. It’s an ingenious platform. I even published my book Clarity Wins there last year. But then, there are those weird anomalies. Case in point: the book review that wouldn’t. Fellow branding consultant and author Lindsay Peterson wanted to leave a very nice review for Clarity Wins. Here’s what […] Read More...

I No Longer Have That T-Shirt

I No Longer Have That T-Shirt

Recently, I was speaking with someone who had adopted the early morning/maximum productivity framework of one of those business author gurus. He said it was transforming his work results, and I believe him. But in my heart of hearts, I was pushing that message away as fast as I possibly could, even while keeping a […] Read More...

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