What if You Could Get Your Business Noticed, Remembered, and Referred without Expensive Marketing Campaigns?

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  • Discover how to rise about the noise and capture your prospect’s attention
  • The template for building a referral-based business
  • Why traditional marketing and sales enriches agencies, but dilutes your lead-gen efforts
  • How basic brain science should drive your communication (plus the roadmap to do it right)
  • The easiest way to occupy your prospect’s brain-space, crowding out your competitors
  • Why pigeon-holing yourself isn’t bad–and why it’s crucial for your revenue growth
  • How to become a market of one, where your competitors become irrelevant to your prospects

New book reveals the step-by-step formula to break through the marketing noise of your competitors, and be remembered and referred by your best prospects.

Don’t Fall for the Traditional Marketing Lie

Traditional marketing does little more than add noise in an already crowded market. Why invest in marketing that’s scattered, inefficient, and ineffective at bringing you new leads and sales?

Clarity Wins Shows you a Better Way in Step-by Step Detail

in clarity wins I reveal:

  • The big problem with traditional marketing, and the roadmap to a more efficient path to greater revenue
  • How brain science, your competitors, and your market’s noise are keys to getting noticed and remembered
  • 5 steps to a noise shattering, memorable message
  • Why pigeon-holing is your key to becoming David in David & Goliath (and why ignoring this principle almost guarantees Goliath crushes you).

The Clarity Wins Principles are Already Helping Business Owners Just Like You!

“Clarity Wins, is a winner! Steve Woodruff brings together amazing stories and anecdotes to help the reader clearly see a better way to succeed. A must read for all business leaders.”

Jim Trunick

Partner at AIIR Consulting
Author of The CORE of Leadership ™

Are you a small-business owner who wants to get your message heard? Do you want to grow your business without depending on expensive agencies who use unfocused, ineffective marketing? Do you want your company message to be easy to understand (and a no-brainer for people to refer)?

I’m Steve Woodruff.

As a small business owner, I’ve lived the David vs. Goliath story and understand the challenges facing entrepreneurs.

Clarity Wins details what I’ve discovered over the past dozen years, and hands you the blueprint to getting your message heard and remembered–increasing your sales in the process.

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