Making Impact With Clarity workshops


“Houston, we have a problem…”

Millions of words are being spewed out into the world every minute (including yours and mine).

The vast majority of them are lost in the noise. That’s an incredibly expensive amount of lost opportunity.

So…how do we rise above the noise and get heard? How can we be understood and remembered? How can create engagement, foster collaboration, and achieve alignment?

The answer is not more (or louder) words. It’s communicating with clarity.

The customized Making Impact with Clarity workshop is how you can help your organization win at the most important challenge in ALL of business – clear focus and messaging. If our audiences don’t hear, understand, and remember, then we are wasting thousands of dollars daily on words that don’t work.

“We turned to Steve Woodruff to help our sales professionals shape their differentiating message. His clarity principles are indispensable for honing your focus, increasing sales, and generating targeted referrals.” – Christy Soukhamneut, SVP, National Sales Performance, Certainty Home Loans


Everybody Wins

When communication is effective, everybody wins. Making Impact with Clarity workshops are customized for any team seeking to communicate with external and internal audiences:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Management/Leadership
  • Training
  • HR
  • Operations

“Steve brought our team of emerging leaders innovative, yet practical ideas for effectively projecting a personal and professional brand. His Clarity Formula showed us how to identify our unique skills and professional DNA, and communicate our message effectively to others in a networked world. By focusing on what we do best and communicating with clarity, our team learned how to truly stand out amongst their peers and competitors.” –Seth Borsuk, Senior Manager, Leadership and Organizational Development, Bausch Health


Ground-breaking Content

>> The first part of this unique workshop reveals the secret that our biggest challenge in clear communication is rooted in brain science:

  • Too much noise
  • Attention filters 
  • Memory space
  • Wrong hashtags

You’ll discover how to transform this challenge into a competitive advantage that will pay for itself many times over.

>> The second part of the workshop outlines the strategies that every professional can use to make impactful communications:

  • How to implement the ARIA (Attention-Relevance-Information-Action) Clarity Formula 
  • How to craft clear statements that catalyze understanding
  • How to use snippets, stories, and symbols to quickly gain mental real estate

Everyone from your marketing department to your social media intern will learn how to craft any form of communication with confidence.

>> The rest of the workshop is customized for your specific group, and is very hands-on and practical. It covers of one or more of the following topics:

  • Brand Clarity 
  • Referral Clarity 
  • Selling/Marketing Clarity 
  • Presentation/Training Clarity 
  • Vendor/Project Management Clarity 
  • Networking Clarity 

These customized workshops are not theoretical – they are full of practical application exercises that will lead to immediate and lasting changes in how attendees communicate and collaborate.


Let’s Get Started!

The Making Impact with Clarity workshop is a 2-hour or half-day session (a shorter 90-minute “lunch-and-learn” version is available for those with a narrower time window).

Here’s how to contact us. Or, just take the short-cut and set up a free 30-minute consultation with Steve Woodruff (aka the King of Clarity), and let’s discuss how we can bring more impactful communications to your business!


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