The Greatest Marketing Sin of all Time

  About twelve and a half years ago, my very first marketing blog post was about a terrible lost opportunity – one that I now believe is the greatest sin of marketing ever committed. We’re talking crime of the century level here. Here is what I wrote, all those years ago, and I feel just […] Read More...

Found: Your Missing Piece

Companies and organizations often have Mission and Vision statements. They sound lofty. But we generally find that they don’t shape day-to-day behaviors. Why?   Something’s missing. Vision and Mission statements are not designed for practicality, simplicity, alignment, and engagement. They don’t hold the organization together and give clear direction and messaging. Internally, people are not on […] Read More...

Marketing Success in 2019: Start Right Here

What do these four recently-launched books have in common? They are your key to marketing success in 2019. If you’re a business leader or marketer, pay close attention (you’ll thank me later). Over the past months, five authors (Jay Baer/Daniel Lemin, Seth Godin, Mark Schaefer, and myself) have released books that have a very common […] Read More...

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