A Communications Consultant Tears Apart Trump’s SOTU

Confession: I almost never watch political speeches. Especially for an hour. But, as a communications Clarity Consultant, I did watch the 2020 State of the Union address, because I was quite curious. I know Mr. Trump effectively moves audiences on the stump, but how was he going to do on this stage, in the midst […] Read More...

Writing a Book? Start with this P and that P.

Writing a Book? Start with this P and that P.

Last year, I published my first book (Clarity Wins, via the Amazon platform). I’ve since been asked by a number of budding authors about the experience, and any advice I might have (especially for non-fiction/business books). So, here’s my first piece of advice. Begin with a big P out there in the world. And a […] Read More...

Finding Your Superpower

We each have inherent strengths. Acquired skills. And growth-through-experience. Then, there’s professional magic. I believe that each of us has something special – a “superpower” – that really can’t be replicated by someone else, because it’s in our wiring. I also believe that businesses have superpowers. We can spend a lot of time lamenting all the […] Read More...

Marketing Success in 2019: Start Right Here

What do these four recently-launched books have in common? They are your key to marketing success in 2019. If you’re a business leader or marketer, pay close attention (you’ll thank me later). Over the past months, five authors (Jay Baer/Daniel Lemin, Seth Godin, Mark Schaefer, and myself) have released books that have a very common […] Read More...

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