98.7% of the time, I love Amazon. It’s an ingenious platform. I even published my book Clarity Wins there last year.

But then, there are those weird anomalies. Case in point: the book review that wouldn’t.

Fellow branding consultant and author Lindsay Peterson wanted to leave a very nice review for Clarity Wins. Here’s what she wrote:

Not to brag, but I read a LOT of books about marketing, small business ownership and messaging.  ~50 such books per year.  I’m a marketing book enthusiast.

And this book stands out, big time. It is crystal clear.  It uses vivid examples, lively writing style, and original ideas. It is succinct and potent. When I finished it, the pages were highlighted, dog-eared, and underlined. 

If you are a marketer or business leader, do yourself a favor and read this book.  You will make everything you say and do 100x more potent.

Even after multiple attempts to upload this review, or get an explanation, she got this message back:

She could leave reviews for other products. But not for this product from this account. Huh???

Anybody else experience something like this? What could “The Algorithm” possibly be doing to block off reviews of a specific product from a specific person?

Makes no sense to me. This is the 1.3% of Amazon that leaves me perplexed…

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