Some consultants do their best work in short-term interventions. Find the problem. Fix the problem. In medical terms, that’s acute care.

Other consultants/coaches are with you for the long haul, because there is a ton of detailed implementation and reinforcement (and change management) needed. Again, in medical terms: that’s chronic care.

And for some, the “just right” size engagement is mid-term. Maybe a 2-4 month process of helping a person or business get unstuck and on a new track.

Why does this matter?

Well, it matters for clients who are engaging consultants and coaches – be sure to have your expectations aligned about the needed time frame for the engagement.

But, for consultants, it’s also important to know your sweet spot and build your practice around the type of engagement you do best. What’s the “just-right” size for you and your clients?

In the past couple weeks, I provided clarity advice to one consultant who was clearly going to come alongside executives for long-haul implementation work; and for another who needs to focus on short-term epiphanies.

I explain more in this brief “Clarity over Coffee” video:

If you’re trying to figure out how to position your practice, maybe a short-term (acute-care!) clarity intervention is in order to help you refine your focus and message. Those are the epiphanies that I do best!

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