I recently saw this meme and absolutely had to have it on a t-shirt.

AMBIGUITY: What happens in vagueness, stays in vagueness.

Lack of clarity is the prime enemy of effective branding, selling, communication, and collaboration.

When employees are foggy about their direction and purpose, they perform poorly. When prospective customers don’t get a clear message, they keep their wallets closed. When internal projects and workstreams go awry, it’s inevitably because of misunderstanding and ambiguity.

From mission statements to operational plans, from sales messaging to internal collaboration teams, we need to defeat ambiguity with clarity.

People want…need…clarity from their companies and leaders. Therefore, all leaders, managers, and marketers need to know the simple principles of how to communicate with clarity.

If you agree, I have some dynamite workshops on Clarity to offer you. These range from half-day sessions on effective communications, to day-long branding and messaging brainstorms. I conduct these sessions for businesses as small as solo consultancies, up to Top 50 Pharma corporations. To plan a workshop together, just contact me at this link.

These workshops are based on my book Clarity Wins – a David-sized book that helps you take on the Goliath of ambiguity and vagueness. You can order the book here: www.claritywins.org

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